Boxing and Kickboxing inspired Fitness classes designed to teach basic boxing technique while providing a high intensity workout to get your heart rate up and help shape and tone your whole body.

These classes are designed to suit all fitness abilities and will change and adapt to suit the group.


An all over body resistance inspired class.
Using lighter weights with high repetitions to help increase lean muscle. This class helps provide a good lifting technique to use in the gym or just a great way to tone up.

Hiit Circuits

High Intensity Interval training
Hiit classes burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Its great for those who are short on time!
Its a great way to increase your fitness levels and range of movements by using functional fitness.
These workouts are designed to work your entire body with plenty of options to work at your own pace

Bum Tums and Thighs

Low impact exercises that tone and build the Glutes, tightens the mid section, increases flexibility, works the troubled areas as well as strengthens your back and core


Improve cardio fitness, burn calories and set your own intensity.
Spin is a stationary bike exercise class which is low impact on joints yet works your lower body, creating strength and endurance in your lower body.


Increase range of motion and flexibility of the body, Learn how to stretch different areas of the body to reduce the risk of injury.
Increasing flexibly can assist with your lifting and sports. Breathing techniques are used to increase lung capacity which will assist in all areas of fitness.

Group Fitness Timetable

Monday: 10.00am Low Impact Circuit (Jen)
Tuesday:6.00am Spin (Andy)
Tuesday: 9.15am Hiit Circuit (Megs)
Tuesday: From 5.30pm Jiu Jitsu (Global Jiu Jitsu Acadamy)
Wednesday: 5.30pm Bum, Tum, and Thighs (Jen)
Thursday: 6.00am Hiit Circuit (Megs)
Classes are subject to change
Additional cost for Group fitness at heavily discounted price
Non Gym members are welcome

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on classes.